The Importance of Online Networking for NPOs during Lockdown

What does online networking mean for NPO’s?

As you would attend networking events in person, online networking supports your NPO’s activities and connects you with other organisations in the sector who are like-minded or have an interest in your area of expertise.

During lockdown, networking has naturally, migrated to social media platforms. These platforms can offer your organisation a wonderful opportunity to present your work and connect with interested parties, beneficiaries and supporters. Currently, your most valuable tool is online networking!

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Networking Event Etiquette Tips For NPOs

Networking is a great asset for your organisation. There should be always time in your busy days to attend seminars, retreats, meet ups, workshops, talks or even just being a volunteer at one of the above. Never underestimate the potential of networking in any event.  Be prepared to converse whenever you have the opportunity, so you leave a good impression of being engaged.

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During the networking event that you are attending, you should follow some courtesy and manners which cost nothing. Here are some tips for the next networking meeting you may attend:

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5 Networking Tips For Nonprofits

Have a positive attitude about Networking (and if you don’t – change it!):

Chances are you’re feeling that your time would be better spent cultivating donors than investing the time for networking. Yes? Remember that Fundraising and networking go hand in hand. There are no shortage of
challenges in the nonprofit space so why add to those challenges by alienating others who want to achieve the same goals as your organization and YOU become the island? Put yourself out there, mingle with like-
minded, big-hearted people, and get to know other leaders on a personal level. It could be the key to your struggling non-profit’s success.

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6 Reasons NPOs Need To Network in 2020

By regularly networking, and pushing yourself to talk to people you don’t know, it will help increase your confidence. This is an important attribute as a leader, because your organisation growth is dependent on talking to people and making connections.

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